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The Center for Crime Prevention in Lithuania has participated in a number of governmental programs and research projects related to crime prevention.





New European Crimes and Trust-Based Policy

Victim Support Initiative

Two Rays

Creation and Application of „Two-Rays“ Model for Analysis of Registered and Latent Crime in Lithuania

Strengthening of Police Capabilities aimed at Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency through the Implementation of the Restorative Justice Model

Implementation of Targeted Prevention of Psychoactive Substance Use in Vėliučionys Children Socialization Center

Juvenile Justice Program 2009-2013

EURO-JUSTIS – Scientific Indicators of Confidence in Justice Tools for Policy Assessment

Initiative of Civic Self Defense

Reduction of the Number of Children Dropouts from the System of General Education through Strengthening Activities of Prevention Groups in Educational Establishments

Action Plan of the National Program on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice 2007-2009

Creation of Database of Programs of Crime Prevention and Control

Action Plan of the National Program on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice 2005-2006

Complex Program for Prevention and Control of Motor Vehicle Thefts

Program for Social and Legal Protection of Victims of Crime

Juvenile Justice Program 2004-2008

„Building doors”

Program of Penitentiary Prevention

Program on Prevention of Human Trafficking and Prostitution 2002-2004

National Program of the Republic of Lithuania on Fight against Corruption

Crime Prevention Initiative „Voratinklis (Spider Net)“.

National Program against Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children and Child Abuse

Program on Prevention of Organized Crime and Corruption

National Program on Control and Prevention of Drugs and Drug Addiction 1999-2003

Information System for Crime Prevention in Lithuania

Street Law

Complex Measures to Increase Effectiveness of Legal Responsibility for Crimes against Order of Business and Finances, and to Strengthen Prevention of Organized Crime and Corruption

Program of Probation in the Criminal Justice System

Training Program for Subjects of Crime Prevention