Posters competition "Rise and Shine against Sexual Harassment"

Approximately 8 percent of women in Europe have suffered incidents of violence by strangers in nightlife entertainment venues at least once in a lifetime. However, the numbers of reported cases of sexual harassments in nightlife entertainment venues  remain minor throughout Europe.

Reporting sexual harassment, asking for help or even speaking about it is still rather the exception than the rule. Although victim is never to blame, it’s still pretty common to transfer the responsibility, commenting victims’ actions, behaviour, decisions, evaluation of the situation and so on. However, the lack of consent is key then we talk about sexual harassment.  

Posters competition “Rise and shine against sexual harassment” is seeking to pay more attention to sexual harassment in nightlife, decrease the tolerance, encourage to notice and to lend a helping hand.

“Nightlife in European cities shall be safe, secure, and inclusive, for all. That can only be achieved if we care about each other, and nobody is left without help and support if needed. It is sad, there are many who are forced to stay alert all night long and be ready to leave all the fun when nightlife celebrations are at their peak. We believe it’s important to explicate sexual harassment problem focusing on all forms of unwanted verbal, non-verbal or physical conduct,” – on behalf of organizers claims Algimantas Cepas, the director of Center for Crime Prevention in Lithuania.

Three final selections of competing posters will be offered to exhibit in various European bars and night clubs as well as widely available online.

The posters have to be submitted from September 15 to December 25th 2022 via email [email protected] or WeTransfer online platform.

This competition was funded by the European Union’s Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme (2014-2020).” The competition is a part of the project SHINE (Sexual Harassment in Nightlife Entertainment Spots: Mitigation and Prevention), which aims to create a common culture among nightlife stakeholders and give them appropriate tools to prevent sexual harassment in nightlife venues, activities.

Rules of the competition

This is an opportunity to participate in a poster competition that reflects on the theme and manifestations of sexual harassment at the local level in nightlife entertainment venues. Such a competition can allow to raise the awareness of the public on to the      forms and root causes of sexual harassment – manifestations of unwanted verbal, non-verbal and physical behaviour that harm dignity of other persons, lacking the person’s consent.

Three posters selected by the competition’s selection committee will be presented for public exposition at dedicated nightlife entertainment venues, while other adapted posters will be published online.

Posters are to be uploaded from September 15, 2022, till December 25, 2022 on the platform or be sent by e-mail [email protected]

The deadline for submitting your posters has been extended till December 25, 2022.

  • The call is open both for individuals and teams presenting their compositions;
  • We accept only one application  per participant;
  • Only applications  that are provided in a digital format and are in line with the theme of the competition will be selected for evaluation by  the competition’s committee.


The following information shall be clearly visible in all posters submitted:

  • Logos of the European Commission and of the project SHINE (Sexual Harassment in Nightlife Entertainment Spots) (they can be downloaded here)
  • Facebook icon with a QR code leading to the page of the project
  • Logos of project partners

Technical requirements:

  • Posters shall be provided in a vertical form, in two image densities A3 (420 x 297 + 3 mm) 300 dpi and web exhibition (1811 x 2560 px)
  • Colour model RGB
  • Format TIFF (up to 500 MB)
  • Texts and logos shall be clearly visible in every poster
  • Posters can be created in any freely selected technique
  • Images in every poster shall be original, not published and not used in any other competitions previously
  • Author(s) of every poster shall possess all copyrights to every image and other elements used in a poster, or the images and other elements shall be open licensed
  • Participants of the competition are fully responsible for submitting to the aforementioned copyright rules.

Winner Selection

Posters submitted for the competition will be evaluated by the organizers of the competition. Results of the evaluation will be published on January 20, 2023.

In case of a need for more detailed information please contact us at [email protected]